Florida Health News: Alternative Med. Finds Surprising Fans

From FloridaHealthNews.com, June 2009

“Drug companies invent diseases to create markets for their drugs. They attempt to make us think that humans can’t feel good and live with normally functioning digestive tracts without help from powerful drugs with dangerous side effects. This is absurd.” – The Ultramind Solution

If I didn’t know better, I’d think this came from one of my anti-doctor, granola-eating, yoga-practicing acquaintances.

A doctor is saying it.

Dr. Mark Hyman, author of The Ultramind Solution, also says:

“When I was a medical student and these (acid-blocking) drugs first came on the market, the pharmaceutical representatives warned us how powerful they were. We were told not to use them any longer than six weeks and only for patients with documented ulcers. Now they are given like candy to anyone who ate too many hot dogs at a ballgame. One drug, Prilosec, whose patent ran out, is currently available without prescription.”

Guess who suggested the book to me? Dr. Memory Crowley, my family physician who practices out of one the largest family practice clinics in the area.

The medical community is changing. The days of endless drug cocktails prescribed to offset problems with the American lifestyle is an arcane model that progressive physicians today are abandoning. Sure, medications may play a role in our health, but with skyrocketing medical costs and insurance a luxury too many Americans can’t afford, many members of the medical community are looking for attainable “cures.”

For hundreds of medical problems, from acid reflux to clogged arteries, the “cure” may lie on the patients’ dinner plate, in their bed and within their grasp.

Hyman eloquently documents the case against more medicines for many common American health problems. Detailing the virtues of well-balanced, whole-food nutrition, active stress management, enough sleep and limiting exposure to toxins, he makes a scathing examination of the state of medicine, which has largely dismissed body-mind functional approaches.

When did we stop understanding our bodies as functional systems working together, each part affecting the other in delicate balance? When did we turn into chunks of organs, glands and swirls of chemicals, each with their own specialist ready to prescribe (without talking to the other specialists much of the time) a medicine for problems that could be remedied with diet and lifestyle changes?

Medicine is changing. The Dr. Crowleys, Dr. Hymans and many pioneering researchers at places like Harvard Medical School, usher a fresh look that will return us to a time of common sense, patient empowerment and healthier lives.

For more information on The Ultramind Solution, visit ultramind.com.

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