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Nurse-Teacher Appreciations? When will we not need this anymore?

Nurse Appreciation Day came and went. So did the appreciation day for teachers. Since I’m a school nurse, I cashed in on both. The free build-your-own-baked-potato giveaway was my favorite, I think. Through it all, I watched both groups wax poetic about their jobs, which I appreciate, because I like mine too. I’m also a … Continue reading

10 things you can do for LGBT people

In this aftermath of the nation’s worst deadly shooting, people want to help. Its what we do. And, really, it may be what we do best. Watch what happens after a hurricane and you will see it. Neighbors who have never spoken before are assisting each other with sawing limbs and moving debris. Americans really … Continue reading

Why I oppose bathroom bills

I’ve reposted a lot on Facebook about the so-called “Bathroom Bills,” as of late. The whole thing disturbs me. In fact, the whole “us” against “them” in our nation regarding gay rights has always disturbed me. But now, what’s making it worse, is that the fear-mongering side has taken it to a whole new level … Continue reading

10 Sanity and Money-Savers

I talk to people all the time and get into little conversations and am surprised how many “little” things that I have done to make my life easier, more manageable and in some cases — doable at all — for many years they have never even heard of. I get into trying to explain this-or-that, … Continue reading

“Just Swedish” – the gold standard of massage

Somewhere along the way as massage therapists developed their skills and training in myofascial release, poking on “trigger points,” cranial sacral therapy and myriad other focused education on zeroing in on body parts, we lost our love of “just Swedish,” massage. I hear massage therapists even use that phrase “just Swedish,” as if it’s the … Continue reading

Silly Love Songs? I’m singing

I’m in love and it’s fantastic. I’m talking about the kind where you hear the love songs on the radio and you finally know what they’re talking about. The ones where you always used to think, “my god this is cheesy. Change the channel.” Now, you’re singing “Silly Love Songs,” right on down the highway. … Continue reading

Finding OB-GYNs where you least expect them

The labor room is new and interesting and I have a lot to learn as a nurse. A lot. I’m a newbie there. In a newsroom, I’m an oldster and I miss it sometimes. I requested a buyout from the Orlando Sentinel when they were doling them out in 2008. Back in those days when … Continue reading

Good kids: They get the credit. Not me.

(Photo from left: Amanda, Katie, Lauren, Austin, Kumari, Lucien) Missing is Hope and Lance. Parents get too much credit. When people hear about my kids, oftentimes I hear some sort of praise for parenting. I DO have great kids. I am incredibly proud, blessed and am filled with gratitude. My oldest, 21, majors in “Hospitality … Continue reading

Tale of two daughters: My melancholy

I have two daughters. Both of them are absolutely beautiful by all the standards set by our culture. One of them is a brunette who has always loved to “do hair.” She has experimented and played with her hair for years. I remember the first time she wanted to change her hairstyle and I asked … Continue reading

Death to Gays: In America? Leaders don’t do this

If you pay attention at all, you’ve heard by now that three of our GOP candidates for President recently spoke at a rally where one of the main themes in literature available and from the podium was not only heavy in anti-gay rhetoric, but some of it actually called for killing of gays — at least … Continue reading

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