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NICU: My first visit

I remember the first time I ever went into a NICU — the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. It was about 16 years ago or so — I don’t remember exactly — and someone I knew had a premature baby. The mom in question had been put on medications to try to keep the baby in, … Continue reading

Journalist’s Soul: Some stories you never forget

Photo by Lakeland Ledger You never just “stop” being a journalist. They may stop paying you to write, an amazing and flattering thing unto itself, but you never stop the journalist’s mind. It’s a curious and odd mind, really. The news journalist, if they have been one long, is a changed soul. The stories, one … Continue reading

Why I write

This was me on assignment in Polk County, Florida many years ago, doing some random environmental assignment for the Orlando Sentinel. I do believe that Amy Pavuk, who works in public relations for Florida Hospital now, took this photo. Mr. Albertson was my first journalism professor. He taught me what News was. It was the … Continue reading

Gay Couples: We never asked for Super Powers

I heard a beautiful, smart professional betrothed woman tell a story recently of the heart-wrenching issues she is having as her wedding day draws near. Her family of origin wants this or that; the groom has been rejected by certain people; some in the family have so much distain that they are not even welcome … Continue reading

Massage 101: Why I’m not “overly touchy”

A long time ago, I worked with a woman who confided in me how much she disliked massage. She didn’t even like her own husband giving her full-body massage. There was something about it, she said. She said from the minute someone started massaging her, “she just wanted it to stop.” I didn’t understand it, … Continue reading

My Job: Journalist’s eyes still see

As far back as my first job as a reporter the Shreveport Times and working on a several-story Gannett News Service series on nursing home abuses and neglect, and then moving onto years with the Orlando Sentinel and writing various stories and columns about healthcare, which involved sifting through everything from lawsuits to reports from … Continue reading

What next? Workshops for Change

What else can I do for fun? I’ve taught yoga in prison (love); taught kids at Full Sail University (challenging); taught prenatal massage to LMTs (rewarding); written curriculum; written many hundreds of newspaper and magazine stories over 20 years (covering hurricanes, one terrible tornado in La., environmental issues, immigration issues (mostly Brits), and who knows … Continue reading

Twitter: Who to Follow in a Disaster

Even if you are not a normal Twitter user, I suggest getting an account and following a few folks for times of emergency. Assuming you still have access to cell service and a method of keeping your cell phone charged (solar chargers are cheap these days), it can be a great way of knowing what’s … Continue reading

Demand stocked newsroom; Get active as citizen journalist

(Photo taken of Hurricane Jeanne/Florida by me working for Orlando Sentinel.) It’s getting really scary out there. No, not the wars. Not the terrorists supposedly crossing our border or workplace beheadings or typhoons the size of Canada. It’s the journalistic blur, I will call it. Take for example just a few days worth online headlines. … Continue reading

Massage: “Off-grid” healthcare

People should learn how to do basic massage therapy themselves. If you really want to be empower yourself and your family and take charge of your healthcare and your own health into the future, regardless of whatever happens with the economy, your own job or whatever, then learn about massage and all the techniques you … Continue reading

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