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Death to Gays: In America? Leaders don’t do this

If you pay attention at all, you’ve heard by now that three of our GOP candidates for President recently spoke at a rally where one of the main themes in literature available and from the podium was not only heavy in anti-gay rhetoric, but some of it actually called for killing of gays — at least when the time is right. (He said give us some time to repent; I take it to mean when public opinion supports it more.) In literature given out, it was actually debated HOW to kill the gays — by which method might be most suitable, apparently. Stoning? Tossing off cliffs? Humm….

It wasn’t like this was some fridge speaker who was the last guy on, either. No, the candidates knew full well who was on the podium. The speaker, Kevin Swanson, has been quite well-known for some time for his “kill the gays,” radio broadcasts and sermons. This is not, apparently, raising much of a rukus that I can tell, which is the alarming part of this.

One of my friends, an intelligent and well-read woman, and when I say well-read, I mean it — she works in libraries — was utterly shocked that ANYONE would make a statement like this and have more than 1,000 people in attendance. I wasn’t shocked at all. I was surprised ONLY that many were in attendance to see those candidates. I WAS shocked that the candidates would go speak at an event with Kevin Swanson on the stage. What’s next? The grand dragon of the Klan? Probably wouldn’t raise eyebrows at all with about half the party, I wouldn’t guess. The south will rise again, apparently, they seem to hope.

I really don’t like talking politics but some of this is just too important to ignore. The fact that my friend was so shocked by the talk of “gay killing,” in America and my shock at her shock just shows how myopic we really are. I suppose we really are just running off to our soccer games, our soy lattes and just not paying much attention if it doesn’t affect us. Yes, BlackLivesMatter and I need to care, regardless of my race. Pay attention.

My friend thought only the Westboro Baptist Church said this sort of thing and they were a lonely bunch that no one paid attention to.

I’m telling her that, no, actually, we have churches sprinkled all around preaching this stuff, major TV preachers saying this stuff, three presidential candidates — including one major condenter in Ted Cruz going to the convention where they are saying this stuff, the Middle East with ISIS already doing it (and killing Christians ironically) and the nation of Uganda signing death penalty laws for gays into law, with god knows how many millions in U.S.  fundamentalist Christian missionary money supporting the ideas that led to getting there. We know that has happened.

I stopped after just a very short search on Youtube and found these, all from different parts of the country, spanned over the last while:

And then this….

And then this…

I can only stress how important it is to support candidates who support diversity. The most tragic thing that could happen would be to have our Supreme Court up-ended and our progress turned back 20 or more years. At every level of government, find out where your candidates stand on issues of inclusion, gay marriage, gay adoption and if it is not 100 percent full support and full rights as full married citizens with all the same rights as anyone, they do not deserve the office they are seeking.

Why does it matter if it’s the mayor? Because the mayor is politically connected. The mayor may run for State Representative next year. The mayor is influential to everyone around him. As the mayor goes, others around him go. Because the mayor is a leader. It matters.

If you are in a leadership position, you should hold the highest ideals of inclusion, diversity and fairness. You should not be a follower. You should be the one SHOWING US HOW. I don’t care if you are in Congress or a manager at the DixieMart. If you are a leader, act like one. A leader steps up and makes change for the better. You are not making things better for the United States of America if you are stripping its citizens of rights, refusing rights and attempting to treat people differently based on their sexual orientation. You are not making things better by attending rallies where the main speaker suggests that some of this nation’s citizens, who have committed no crimes whatsoever, should be put to death on some future timetable.

If any of those presidential candidates were leaders, they would have stood up to those 1,000 people and Kevin Swanson and said, “you sir, are despicable. I don’t know what God you serve, but it is not my God. Please Secret Service, get me the hell out of here. Have a good day.”

Can you imagine how many votes he would have won? All those marginal liberals would have gone, “Wow. Let me take a second look at that guy.” Instead, they look like the losers they are. Thank you for making it clear.



One thought on “Death to Gays: In America? Leaders don’t do this

  1. It is radicalisation of the same type we see in ISIS. When the human mind fixes on dogma it slowly becomes an obsession and the conscience inside dies. We all have the potential to be radicalised its part of our evolutionary baggage that enabled us to survive. At one time we ate our enemies.
    The difficulty is once it happens it is very difficult to return to humanity.
    We must remember it is only quite recently enlightened thought began to triumph and it is very fragile.

    Posted by kaptonok | November 12, 2015, 8:51 pm

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